Class Schedule

Classes are generally held on Saturday mornings @ 10 a.m. and Wednesday evenings. Saturday classes are open to all levels. The Wednesday classes are meant to cover topics for more experienced students and is only open to newcomers by invitation. If it is your first time attending a class, please message prior to coming so we know to expect you and can relay any last minute schedule changes.

You can keep up with the class schedule on the Google calendar or the calendar is ICS/iCal format.

Class reminders and other announcements go out on the Google Group mailing list.


Who can attend class? The Saturday class is generally open to all levels. Anyone willing to learn is welcome to attend. The midweek class is intended for more experienced students; access to the midweek class is restricted to those with enough foundation to cover more advanced topics.

Where is class held? In the nicer weather, Saturday classes are held at Buchanan Park. Otherwise, classes are held at a private residence.

What should I wear or bring to class? Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and shoes to move around. A water bottle is also a good idea, especially in the hotter weather. Official I-Liq Chuan uniform wear is only required for infrequent special events, like public demonstrations or grading.

Do you teach style XYZ? Only Zhong Xin Dao / I-Liq Chuan is taught. Our members are familiar with other systems and may provide cross-system examples for context. The class focus is on training ZXD/ILC to understand the nature of body movement. Principles will likely carry over to other styles, but they will not be explicitly taught.

Is this tai chi? The Zhong Xin Dao / I-Liq Chuan system is based on principles of Zen and Tai Chi, but it is not “Tai Chi Chuan”/”Taijiquan”. High level principles will be similar, but practical implementation of principles may differ.

Will your class cure me of XYZ? Class instruction focuses on understanding the body and movement through mindful attention to a physical practice. The process of mindful movement practice can re-invigorate the body and set you on a path to return to a healthier state. However, we are not medical doctors or therapists. We will try to help you resolve any physical issues you may have, but we cannot provide any professional diagnosis or treatment.

Will I learn to fight? The art can certainly be used martially and martial context will be provided as part of the training. Light contact partner work and pad work will be incorporated into training as appropriate. If you are expecting to step into a competitive ring, a once to twice a week light contact class with a mix of people with day jobs and variable physical conditioning is not the ticket to that sort of fighting skill. We do not have the facilities, time, personnel , and most importantly insurance to train anyone to fight at a competitive level.

Will the training give me super-human powers? In a word: no. You can learn to use your body and mind to their full potential, which is something the vast majority of people never come close to achieving. Some skills may appear amazing, but everything taught is based on sound principles and concepts. The skills learned do not involve super-human abilities, nor do they cultivate super-human powers. They are however teachable and able to be trained by anyone who puts in the effort to learn.